Random Thoughts and Pics ~ Goals…

My thoughts are all over the place! In honor of this random-ness I will put random photos in the post!

Random pic: Here are the magazines I am currently reading. Lots on weight loss. Today I heard a commercial that said, “Extra body fat is unattractive!! You CAN’T do it alone! You just CAN’T!” Weight loss was one of the major reasons I started this whole running thing, but I don’t know what to think about the constant barrage of weight-loss articles/etc.:

I didn’t have any mishaps on my run today. Glenn and I managed to keep a sub-10 minute pace. He set the pace and I followed. It was quite an accomplishment considering the WIND we were dealing with! Good grief! No dog bites today! I brought a water bottle with me and put it in snow banks that I knew we would pass again. When we passed it I would pick it up and drink, then find another place to put it down. Eventually the top froze shut! View on the run…

To be honest I didn’t take this picture WHILE I was running… I took it after. Quite awhile after… on my way to take Andrew to a friend’s house. We could see it while we were running, though!

Tonight I read through quite a few other running blogs and I found it really inspiring. One blogger was talking about those who make commitments to join fitness clubs in January because of New Year’s Resolutions. She blogs about them in January and then follows up with them the following year. It was so awesome to read about all of those who had started a journey that was very important to them and to find out where they are today.

Random pic: I had a healthy snack today!

Another blogger set 13 goals for herself for the new year in honor of the year 2013. Her goals are out of this world! Though I couldn’t identify with each of her goals specifically, many of them triggered something in me. I feel stirred to set some goals for myself!

Here goes:

#1: I will run 1,000 miles this year (that’s about halfway to MI from my house!). I will update my mileage on the blog every week.

#2: I will sign up for 3+ races in the Summer Racing Series in Flagstaff (I can’t wait to blog with pictures from those runs ~ so beautiful!).

#3: I will complete an Olympic Triathlon. If I can finish that before March 17th I will have that to add to my “firsts” this year.

#4: I will run at least one marathon this year (I am training for one now, and I have to see how I like the distance… many have told me I’ll be glad to check it off my bucket list, but that I’ll love 13.1 so much better).

#5: I will run 2 half-marathons this year (and I will do my best to get one of them under 2 hours).

#6: I will walk a 5K with my dad!

#7: I will add other healthy activities (cross-training) to my weekly workouts: swimming, yoga and weights are on my list of things to do.

These goals are lofty by my standards (those who have been running forever probably remember days like this).

What are your goals for this year?

Did you have a healthy snack today? What was it?

What magazines are you reading right now?

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Pics ~ Goals…

  1. Yikes, goodness at that weight loss commercial. There is TOO much pressure on women to look a certain way – I absolutely hate it. 🙁 Healthy is one thing, obsessiveness and self-worth all on what you look like is awful. bah. rant over. haha!

    Great goals – I think I might try to go for a 1000 miles this year too!

  2. i get really annoyed by mag’s and fitness related buzz around this time of year and then again when swimsuit season comes up. i think a big problem with people only setting goals weight related is they aren’t as likely to stick with them AND they don’t focus on the real benefits of running/exercise. great goals for u going into 2013 and here is to embracing the REAL perks of working out…endorphins and being a happier person inside and out. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree with you more… The feeling I have during some of my runs and after all of my runs makes all of them worth it!

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