In the Meantime…

Running a race often sounds like the perfect idea to me.

Sometimes, however, even if I’ve already signed up for it (or maybe especially since I signed up for it), I start to doubt that the idea is a good one. This is happening to me for a number of reasons:

  • Fear – can I really DO this particular 50 mile race?
  • Dread/Uncertainty – do I really WANT to do this particular race?
  • Scheduling – did I really think through the reality of training for a race of this magnitude this particular semester?
  • Fatigue/Burnout – do I really WANT to do the training?

There are answers in the “go get ’em” and “you can do it!” spirit to all of the above questions.

There are answers in the “if now isn’t the right time or this race isn’t the right one, that’s ok – maybe you need to wait” line of thinking to all of the questions, too.


In the meantime…

Andrew started his Junior year of High School…

2015-08-06 08.19.49-1

We bought a second car for the family that is coming in handy since Glenn and Andrew are doing so much rehearsing for their upcoming play and Andrew can take them to rehearsal. It’s a musical, “Closer than Ever” that features a four-singer cast and a script that is entirely made up of songs. They will perform in Flagstaff and in Sedona… wowza!2015-08-10 12.01.42I went running in the rain on Soldier’s Trail…

I enjoyed an epic 17-mile run with almost 1900 feet of elevation gain that left me sore for a week…

2015-08-15 09.05.41-1I hit the urban trails…

2015-08-18 08.18.21

I looped (and looped and looped) Buffalo Park…

2015-08-20 16.19.48

I was blessed to spend some time with friends and with Glenn…

Gabe started his Freshman year of High School. He had his first scrimmage and his team played well. He did, too! He turns 14 tomorrow!

Saturday I ran Gaspin’ in the Aspen – the last race in the Flagstaff Summer Series (though I didn’t register for that this year)…

2015-08-22 07.57.03
2015-08-22 09.06.03-2

Photo credit: Neil Weintraub

Photo credit: Neil Weintraub

I enjoyed my recovery with goodies from Late from the Train at Gabe’s scrimmage…

This morning I did my long run out in beautiful weather in the neighborhood and on the FUTS…

Finally, tonight was the Flagstaff Running Community Picnic…

Phew! It’s been a busy August.

I’ll keep the blog posted regarding what I decide about the race in December. As for now I will continue to train as if I plan to run it!





Running and More…

RUNNING – Ellie and I were running our loop and she pointed out two views I had never noticed since the direction we run the vast majority of the time has us looking the other way…

2015-08-01 13.19.22

2015-08-01 13.19.28-1


I may have a little problem…

2015-08-03 18.56.37 2015-08-03 18.59.51

The Brooks Ghosts that I bought were rubbing my foot raw so I exchanged them for Glycerins (ahhh)…

2015-08-04 07.39.26READING – Huffington Post listed 21 Books from the Last 5 Years that Every Woman Should Read. I’m sad to say I have only read one of these books, but happy to have more good books on my to-read list!

LOCAL – Glenn and I went to a local auction this Saturday. We were hoping that there wasn’t a good turnout and that we’d get a great deal on a car for Andrew…

2015-08-01 10.27.14

Though it didn’t work out in our favor I couldn’t help but be happy the cars went for at least their Kelly Blue Book values because their sale benefited a local charity. Full Circle Trade and Thrift is a local resale shop that chooses a nonprofit to support and promote every month. The checks they are able to write at the end of the month to the nonprofits are amazing (for example, in June alone they were able to donate over $14,000)! Each month they also hold a Red Door Auction (in addition to having their resale shop) – 60 items in 60 minutes. It was a lot of fun to participate and it was great to see so many people getting good deals and giving to great causes in the process.

FOOD – I decided to give a very mini Sunday food prep a try. I didn’t want to go full throttle on these jarred salads if they weren’t going to work out for our lunches. I made four of them so that Glenn and I could each have one on Monday and Tuesday…

2015-08-02 17.43.53


The verdict? EXCELLENT! I am so surprised the greens weren’t wilted. I used quart mason jars and these general instructions from Pop Sugar. While we were at church on Sunday I cooked chicken in the crockpot. I got the shredded chicken recipe from Skinnytaste. It took a little bit of time to chop the veggies… but I would have done that anyway and it was nice not to have to do it each night!

My friend gave the boys and I a new fruit – a rambutan – to try. They were a little creepy to look at and touch, but they were very tasty…

2015-08-04 19.55.29

KIDS – Gabe had 9th grade orientation for the high school we fully intended to send him to on Monday…

2015-08-03 06.52.11While he was gone we heard from a school we wanted him to get into (lottery) but had given up hope they’d get to his name on the waiting list. We never dreamed they’d call, but they did! We decided that he should attend the new school instead. Gabe is so resilient. He was really sad at first – it’s hard to prepare yourself for a new place for 6 months and have the rug pulled out from under you just days before you are ready to start – but is coming around quickly. I think he’ll be really happy at this new school.

What book(s) have you been reading?

Do you ever find new views on runs/walks/hikes that you didn’t notice before?

What food have you tried that is “out there” and different?



Just Run

The Editor’s Letter in the August 2015 issue of Runner’s World urges us to, “get someone running” and to share stories using the hashtag: #getsomeonerunning

Motivating others to embark on their running journeys is a passion of mine. I’m blessed to be able to work with the Step Into Running program through Team Run Flagstaff and to write this blog to encourage folks to run. This magazine’s call to reach out to future runners made me think about the people who inspired and helped me to get started. The two people (among others) that always come to mind right away are my friend Courtney, and Glenn. I’m grateful that I went to see Courtney run a 5K in Traverse City, and then to see her run in the Detroit Marathon. We roomed together in college and I don’t ever remember her going for a run (was I too self-centered to notice?)… and then, poof! There she was – running distances I didn’t even realize people ran! Her strength, determination, and ability made me think, “Maybe I could be a runner… I WANT to be a runner!”


Here is Courtney killing it in the Detroit Marathon (2010). Photo credit: Courtney’s Facebook page (I hope she doesn’t mind that I swiped this picture!)!


Courtney and I after her finish at the Detroit Marathon (2010). Photo credit: Again, Courtney’s Facebook page!

In those early days – and every step of the way since – Glenn has been a huge champion of my running. We did many of our long runs together while training for our first half marathon and our first full marathon. Without his encouragement and support I’m not sure I would have continued down this road…

621484_435371659843188_635586865_oNow Run Trails

In the Editor’s Note in this month’s copy of Trail Runner Paul Cuno-Booth asks runners to “think of someone who transformed your relationship to the sport.” Thanks to Flagstaff’s summer trail races I was introduced to trail running quickly. That being said, it didn’t occur to me that I might run on trails like those when it wasn’t a race. My “trail running” was limited to the wonderful FUTS trails in town (which I love dearly and run on regularly). I have Ellie to thank for getting me out on single track trails. The loop we run often (and that I could probably run in my sleep at this point) was my first trail run with her. I remember wanting to take breaks – there were so many hills and so many rocks to navigate! My body was sore from the effort even though my pace was slower than it was on the road. Thank God Ellie was in great condition and could do all of the talking because initially I certainly couldn’t contribute anything to the conversation.



Now, more than a year later, I can use those same trails for a weekend long run. I try new trails on my own. I try trails solo that I’ve done with others (hoping I’ll make it home without getting too lost). I’m happy to explore a new path and am not overly concerned about how strenuous the run will be like I was in the past. My fitness has improved immensely after more and more time on my feet and, I believe, extended runs on these trails.

You’ll have to agree that after the views I had yesterday on a run… how could I ever stop?2015-07-29 07.54.13 2015-07-29 07.28.57 2015-07-29 08.07.10 2015-07-29 07.27.10 2015-07-29 08.05.39


Who helped you get started with running?

What loop/run is your favorite?

How has running changed your life?