Thank You

Though I may resurface at some point on another blog (maybe even soon), my time here at Now I Run has come to a close. It’s time to re-up for another year to keep my domain name and I am just not willing to pay the money knowing how infrequently I have been posting for the last year or so. If I do decide to write again – about running and life – I hope to have as good as a time as I had here. What a blessing to have a place to chronicle my training, meet so many new and wonderful people, keep my parents up-to-date on my life after my move to AZ, and to have an outlet for my writing. I am incredibly thankful.

Good Bye, Now I Run!

2015-06-18 19.13.30

October Highlights


Andrew…was in a musical with Glenn:

…went to LA with his Theater class:

…got his license:

…and got a job at Black Bart’s busing tables. This is the perfect job since it’s not only a steakhouse… but also a Musical Revue and Andrew gets to sing every night he works!:

2015-10-04 15.50.24


…played High School Soccer:


…had a successful Step Into Running program:

… and was proud of Nick Arciniaga’s appearance in Runner’s World and Running Times:

I did lots of running (including the Soulstice Mountain Trail Run)…


This weekend I’m running the McDowell Mountain Frenzy 25K instead of the 50-miler I registered for initially. I’m sure being at the race will be bittersweet and I’ll experience mixed emotions about not running the 50-mile distance.

November updates soon (Happy Thanksgiving!)…







Perhaps it was because it was zero-dark-thirty in the morning on Saturday, but I was already upset about three things before I left for my run. An email frustrated me (doesn’t anyone take my feelings into consideration?), a Facebook post shook me (how could someone think what they posted wasn’t insensitive?), and the final straw was a reminder note left for me (how could someone think I’d make that particular mistake twice?).

First lesson: don’t hop on Facebook or check email first thing in the morning…

I left the house in a snit. I made sure that Glenn was well aware of how upset I was as I stormed out the door (did I lay it on a little thick?). The first 6 miles of my run I replayed my feelings over and over in my mind. This was not a productive or constructive thought process… it was a pity-party I was sure I deserved to have.

When I stopped to take a picture I had a strong desire to say a prayer. I was ready to ignore the urge. Grudgingly and halfheartedly I decided to do it anyway. What came was a prayer of gratitude.

2015-10-03 08.08.11

The email was a group question about the possibility of a get together. Community.

The Facebook post – with my personal perspective removed (and it wasn’t, contrary to my own popular belief that morning, all about me) was an expression of affection from one individual to another. It was made by an individual too young to realize how significant word choice can be. Love.

Early in the morning I am not always thinking clearly. A mistake I made in January cost us lots of money and was made under the same circumstances. The reminder note was truly just written to be helpful. Thoughtfulness.




Second Lesson: My heart felt lighter. My mood improved tremendously.The final step – letting go of the negative feelings I had been holding onto for those first six miles – was easier because of the positive spin gratitude had put on each circumstance. The events didn’t change – but my perspective made all the difference.