Friday Tidbits… Cool, Cute, Ridiculous, and Exciting

Isn’t this cool?

It’s just a teaser… but it is such a great one. I love that you see the trails (Buffalo Park!), the indoor track, the outdoor track at NAU, the coaches, the kids, the Pros and the rest of us all coming together to make our dynamic group.

Isn’t this cute?


The cats seem to be waiting to play with Gabe…

Isn’t this ridiculous?


Is there ANY useful, real, or interesting math on this chalkboard in the latest Women’s Health magazine? Coworkers… please tell me if there is anything good I’m missing. The agility training that the article says will help memory and cognition is obviously not working for her. Who makes decisions about photos like this and decides they’re keepers? P.S. If I’m wrong and there is something good here, I will be willing to admit it!

Isn’t this exciting?


The bold times are when Andrew plays Tevye. We are really excited about the show!

Mini running-update: I was tired and hot during my 6-mile run today, but I was glad I went.

I am almost always glad I went!

I’d like to send a shout out to my friend Angie back in Michigan. She is running her first Half Marathon tomorrow! You’ve got this, Angie!!

Tell me something cool, ridiculous, cute, or exciting happening in your world!

A List of Things You Could Do…

You could…

Find Runner Chocolate (and hope you get some from the Easter Bunny)…



Enjoy the sun no matter what the temperature reads…

Go for your first long run in weeks…


Find the missing item that makes a breakfast complete…

Make a new recipe from Rachael Ray’s new magazine…

Run the Team Run Flagstaff sprints on the Flagstaff Urban Trail System to enjoy the beautiful weather and to get in some extra mileage…


 Run lots of miles with your husband…

Wonder why Einstein Bagel thinks YOU’VE EARNED a treat (just look at those poor pieces of fruit ~ why hasn’t anyone EARNED them?!?)…

IMG_5707Feel thankful for welcoming church communities…


Love your kids…

Be a little bit proud of them, too… (my most favorite part starts at about a minute and a half into the video)

You could do all of those things…


How is life in your part of the world?

Have you been getting in any runs or workouts?

Has Spring finally sprung?

New Race Schedule and a Successful STEM Night

Many thanks to those who read, contributed, and commented on my post for new runners. One comment really stuck with me ~ sign up for a race! That’ll get you motivated for sure!

On that topic – at the beginning of the year I had a lot of ideas about what races I’d run and what my goals would be for 2014. My tune has changed a little bit and I’ve decided to stay local for races this year (with the exception – maybe – of a marathon in the Fall). Thankfully, Run Flagstaff offers a Summer Series of races that you can register for as a package. This weekend was the last weekend you could register at a discounted rate so I did it!

  • 5/10 (10K) – Run for the Mountain
  • 6/7 (10K) – Sacred Mountain Trail Run
  • 6/28 (10K) – Northland Hospice Run for Life
  • 8/2 (10K) – Machine Solutions Run 4 Kids
  • 8/9 (Half Marathon) – Big Brothers Big Sisters Dave McKay Memorial Run
  • 8/23 (15K) – Gaspin’ in the Aspen

This will be the first summer that I’ve been able to run the whole series. Each run benefits a local charity which is special. The community feel at the races I have run in the past has been fantastic so the series should be well worth the $35.75 I paid per race (I can’t get over what a great bargain that is – these races are very well run).

Yesterday I also learned that my name was pulled in the lottery for the Soulstice Mountain Trail Run on October 11. This is an 11 mile (you can also register for the 6-mile run) trail run that can be VERY challenging. Ellie wrote a race recap after her Soulstice run this year.

It’s been a great couple of days!

I took Phoebe on a walk yesterday. She’s always exhausted at the end of walks nowadays. Today she had accidents in the house while we were at work… she NEVER has accidents. She’s getting old and I’m hoping that this isn’t going to be a common occurrence. I’m hopeful that this was just a fluke day and that she’ll be fine…

IMG_5621This afternoon we had a surprise snow shower. There was some accumulation but I’m confident that a little sunshine will melt all of it away (tomorrow = sunny & 52 degrees)…

IMG_5626Tonight I volunteered at a table for my department at the first ever community STEM night at the dome. What a crowd!!

IMG_5631Gabe came with me to volunteer at the table. It was a huge success…

Gabe even offered to scrape the car b/c it was cold!

IMG_5650The organizers of this event have to be thrilled with the turnout!

What is your favorite race distance?

Do you like logic games? Mind games? Word games?

What is the most important thing on your list of things that races MUST include or that race directors MUST provide?