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Deb Runs


This week’s word is: REWARDING

I decided my contribution will be collages of just a few aspects of my life that I find rewarding. Enjoy!



Andrew’s Performances




Gabe’s Soccer Games

To be rewarded takes effort. It’s not always easy work, but doing it is certainly always worth it!

What do you find rewarding?

Hello, Again!

Planning for the Spring session of “Step Into Running” for Team Run Flagstaff (TRF) has officially begun. It’s incredibly exciting to think about introducing or reintroducing people to running in a positive, supportive, and safe environment. I’m so thankful to be a part of it. Meeting at Flag Buzz coffee with good people who love this program made the job even easier…

IMG_9143Yesterday after the meeting I said, “Hello again,” to the Fort Valley trails near my house…

IMG_9144Tonight I said, “Hello again,” to the NAU Walkup Skydome track for a workout with TRF…

IMG_9148The speed workout was a threshold/rep session. Three rounds of:

  • 6 minutes at threshold pace followed by
  • 3 X 30 seconds at rep pace

…with a minute of recovery throughout. I got to the dome early and put in a couple of miles on the concourse before the workout. It felt really good to be back with the Flagstaff running family. Two things I heard tonight :

Run ‘comfortably hard’

“The last one takes care of itself”

It felt really good to be back.


Spring Break 2015

To kick off my Spring Break I went to Vegas for the night to speak at a conference. This was my first conference speaking experience. I shared a talk with two other speakers for the wicked short window of time we were given to present. The talk was early in the morning (after a night of Vegas fun for many) and our attendance was small. These details made for a great starter-talk for me…



Sunday I went for a long run… and then the family decided to go for an afternoon hike. “Going for a hike” in Flagstaff often means lots of work and this was no exception…




Time for game night after meeting friends for dinner at Bigfoot Barbecue downtown! I love “Apples to Apples” because everyone can play no matter how hold they are. Us old folks had fun, the teenagers had fun, and KJ didn’t have to feel left out of the group. We even pulled out a game I’ve had since Middle School, “Jitters”, and had a go…

IMG_9091 IMG_9092

Monday I spent some quality time with Ellie. Before I launch into that story let me just say she got a puppy. Axel might be the cutest dude on the planet (next to Cheo, of course)…


We drove down to Sedona for a run and some lunch…


IMG_9097It isn’t fair, is it? A quick 45 minute drive and I am in the middle of this beautiful red rock!

We are spending the last half of our break with my parents in their new place. That means cards…




Runs with a view of the mountains…


… and a Dunkin’ Donuts treat after my long run this morning!


Thanks, Meagan, for the treats – I enjoyed my Salted Caramel Gu this morning!

IMG_9111How are you spending your first days of spring?