Update on my attitude: Some of my recent runs have just been about getting in the miles. In all honesty lately I’ve been feeling that way about a lot of things in life. It’s like I’m checking things off of a list and not really taking the time to enjoy the people and the choices I’ve made about how to spend my time. Do you ever feel that way about your workouts or your day-to-day life?

Yesterday I reminded myself to enjoy the time I’m taking to do this wonderful thing. This amazing activity that has added so much to my life.Thankfully much of my time is spent in places that look like this:

It certainly helps!

Update on TRF: I had a chance to volunteer (way too early in the morning) with my teammates. Hopefully Stephanie won’t mind that she’s all over my blog post!

I get to work with new and returning-to-the-sport runners who inspire me in so many ways…

Among other TRF Pro athletes competing this weekend Nick Arciniaga is running in the NYC Marathon. We’re hoping for a great time for Nick! We’re rooting for all of our TRF Pros and TRF members that are racing this weekend.

Update on Andrew: The Black Barts fundraiser for TheatriKIDS was a win and all of the TheatriKIDS singers did a great job…

Black BartsArsenic and Old Lace was Andrew’s first play in Flagstaff and the cast has reunited to do another run. My how he’s grown in just over 3 short years…

ThenNowArsenicUpdate on Gabe: Gabe’s bicycle trip to the Grand Canyon was a success. Imagine riding your bike from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon (20+ miles a day for three days, camping along the way). How awesome is that? For some people a trip to the Grand Canyon is on the bucket list. Gabe got to do it by bike for a school field trip!

Update on Training: This weekend I have to run one of two 20 – milers in my marathon training program. My 18-miler a couple of weekends ago was really good (though I was exhausted) and I’m hopeful that this will be my first-ever happy 20 mile run. Here’s hoping!

Suggestions and answers, please!

I’m going to buy a new pair of trail shoes. What do you look for in a trail shoe? What is your favorite go-to pair?

How will you spend this weekend? Are you training for a race? What are your running plans?

Today’s Tip from my Runner’s World Calendar: JUST START







There are many ways to be brave ~ many much more noble than mine. Being brave can mean doing the very opposite of some of the things my family has done. Right now there are serious and dangerous situations in the world requiring bravery beyond my comprehension. However, today I’m asking:

What does BRAVE look like at your house?

Over here “brave” takes many forms.

Brave is four people deciding to move almost 2,000 miles away from where they call home to make a new life for themselves.


Brave is a good father and husband who has chosen not to drive for the last 10 years. This difficult decision came after Glenn’s eye condition (which inhibits his sight considerably) caused him to bump into a few things with the car. In his early 30’s he was brave enough and humble enough to stop driving. His brave also involves running a marathon, auditioning for his first play last month, and going back to school…


Brave is a soccer player who has to be the last line of defense for his team game after game. Lots of athletes avoid putting themselves in positions like this one. Not this kid. His brave is also sticking up for his friends, and not being afraid to be vulnerable with people and love life every day…


Brave is an actor on a stage alone speaking a monologue or singing a solo. Dancing in front of a crowd. Brave is being yourself ~ your true self ~ even when the world might not accept your truth…


Today I choose “brave” to describe how I feel about running in the Soulstice race. My age group finish was bottom of the barrel ~ but it was my first go at such a demanding trail run. I tried it. Who knew just two and a half short years ago when I was sedentary, 50+ pounds heavier, a hater of running, and a “former” athlete that one day I would sign up for a challenge like today’s? That one day I would start a race at all at altitude and climb another 1,400+ feet?

So, today I choose to feel brave when it comes to my race. I choose to focus on the part that is truly amazing to me – the fact that I showed up and did it.

When do you feel brave?

What does brave look like for other members of your family?






Friday Favorites

Favorite Hobby

Ah, running…

Favorite Recent Running Story

Last week I headed out for a mid-week 7 mile afternoon run on what I fondly call the “Ellie Loop.” As I headed out of my neighborhood I noticed someone walking along the sidewalk. It looked like Ellie… but since Ellie rides her bike to work most days I figured it couldn’t be. Sure enough, Ellie was waving at me excitedly, “How far are you going?” she asked me. “Can I come?” It only took a few loops around her block while she got ready for us to be on our way. What perfect timing! I couldn’t have been happier to have company. Later I texted Ellie that it was truly like kindergarten… I was outside playing when my friend came home from school on the bus and asked, “Can I play?”

Favorite Long Run Plan

Two of my last three long runs have been with Ellie out on the trails. Holy cow. What an incredible feeling to finish a 14-miler with 1100+ feet of elevation gain…

Favorite Running Inspiration

Team Run Flagstaff has four different branches that honor its mission and goals. We have

  • Team Run Flagstaff for the general population,
  • Kids Run Flagstaff for kids learning to run or who are rapid racers already,
  • TRF PRO with the purpose of supporting our band of elite runners, and
  • Step Into Running for beginners

Step Into Running meets twice a week – once on the track with the TRF gang and once alone at Buffalo Park. The Buffalo Park workout is professionally tiered to meet the needs of different beginner levels. This session our goal race is the Girls on the Run 5K in November. How awesome will that be? We are so thankful we can partner with such an amazing organization for our finale. Heading out to Buffalo Park once a week to work with new runners is such a special time for me…

Last session I experienced SIR as a volunteer. This time, I’m experiencing it as a volunteer and as one of the program coordinators. It’s interesting to learn what goes on behind the scenes.

Favorite Training Transition

I’m gearing up to officially transition from marathon training to 50K training in late October.

Judging from what I’ve read so far the weekly mileage from that transition point until the marathon in December will be more than enough!

What are some of your Friday Favorites?

Do you do any volunteering? With what program(s)?

What quote is inspiring you right now?