Running News ~ Going for it!

How is your running/exercising/activity level going? For many this is a tough time of the year because of the heat and humidity. If I get out early it’s good because the temperature hasn’t risen (nor has the sun risen too high in the sky quite yet). Sometimes my schedule demands an afternoon run and I have to hope that the monsoon rains haven’t started yet because they can be unpredictably fierce.

On Friday I did my long run out on Lake Mary Road. I had Glenn take my picture because I was wearing my “I Run 4 Jenna” shirt and I’m rooting for Tim Boyle to be on the cover of Runners World Magazine. I know that whoever wins is going to make for a GREAT story… but my heart is with Tim on this one!

photo 1 (10)

There were some runs before Friday’s… I ran again yesterday, too. Monday’s run, however, was really wonderful. I headed up a dirt road near my house and ran near the Observatory Mesa. I enjoyed beautiful, peaceful surroundings, a gorgeous view, and quite a climb! I had one of those moments when I was heading back down the hill, looking at the San Francisco Peaks where I just put my arms out like they were wings and felt like I could fly…

Tuesday it was time to head to the track for our TRF speed workout. Tuesday’s workout was 3 fartlek intervals of 3 min – 2 min – 1 min with 2 minutes of recovery (recovery, slower-paced running) throughout. I was greeted with a beautiful sky…


Today, since I took the day off of running, I thought I’d do three things:

#1 – Try not to panic that I have THREE races this month! All of them are trail races. One of them is a Half Marathon that my email says is “considered one of the most scenic and challenging Half Marathons in the Southwest!” One of them is called “Gaspin’ in the Aspen” and in a mountain town at 7,000 feet that can only mean one thing!

#2 – Sign up for my one and only marathon for 2014. Tucson Marathon here I come!

#3 – Sign up for my VERY FIRST Ultra! The Pemberton Trail 50K is on Valentine’s Day 2015. Do I panic now? No way (well maybe a little)! I am SO INCREDIBLY excited to start this journey! Running all of the trails around Flagstaff will be a must ~ and I can’t wait to share all of my training here. So much to learn…

Now I leave you with a funny I saw online on Facebook or Instagram (@nowirun)! Props to Runners World for getting this one right…

photoIs there anything you’re planning on doing that you never thought you’d EVER do? When I was in college playing basketball we had to run 4 miles in 35 minutes (and repeat the run if we didn’t make the time cutoff) during preseason. It took me two tries and I barely made it on my second try. There is no way on God’s Green Earth that I ever imagined running more than 30!

What’s your go-to fuel on a long run?

Random Question of the Day: What’s your favorite summer fruit?




Trying Trails

I’m seriously considering giving as many new trails a try as possible before the end of the summer and documenting them on the blog. Ian Torrence wrote an article for Running Times Magazine about trail etiquette that you can read HERE if you’re interested in hearing from a pro!

Aspen Corner

On Friday Glenn and I went to Aspen Corner – a trail you can find off of Snowbowl Road in Flagstaff. The views were gorgeous…

IMG_7124 IMG_7136 IMG_7137

Isn’t it amazing what kind of pictures you can get with an iPhone?

I don’t think we followed the trail properly so I can’t wait to get back out there and explore again. There is at least one place that you can head off of that trail and onto part of the Arizona Trail for a couple of miles. Once I get acclimated to that area and the turnoffs I think it’ll make a great place to head when I want a mid-length, sometimes-really-tough trail run.

Soldiers Trail

This is technically not the first time I’ve been on Soldiers Trail. Two of the NATRA summer races (both part of the Run Flagstaff Summer Series) are run on that trail. It is, however, the first time I’ve ventured out on my own. The trail was easy to follow and provided some fantastic single-track rolling hills.

Fort Tuthill is the location of Soldiers Trail and the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course (among other things) that Glenn and Andrew were enjoying while I ran…

IMG_7140So there you have it! Two new trails that I will take you on when you visit me in Flagstaff!

The Snowbowl Hill Climb

Let me give you the skinny on this awesome event! The 5th Annual TRF Snowbowl Hill Climb is a race up Snowbowl Road.

Distance: 7 miles

Elevation Gain: 2,200 feet

This race was so much fun! There were individual runners, 3-person relays (aid station #2 where I volunteered was one of the relay exchange zones), middle of the pack awards, the Mama Burger Challenge (eat a Mama Burger at aid station #3 and finish the race), age group awards, fastest first mile, Rob Krar starting the race (I am so embarrassed that I didn’t congratulate him when I was standing right next to him at check in!)… you name it! You can head over to Team Run Flagstaff’s Facebook page to see all of the fun pics HERE



Back at the Track & The TRF Snowbowl Hill Climb

It was so good to have Glenn back at the TRF track workout with me tonight. He’s taking it slow – but he was running and I’m hoping his foot holds up!

photo (33)

Speaking of TRF ~ I don’t know if you followed the Western States 100 this year, but Flagstaff’s own Rob Krar won the men’s race! He spent some time (along with other talented runners) sharing stories and trail running with our KRF (Kids Run Flagstaff) team tonight. How awesome is that? Photos are HERE! He’s also going to be the official starter for TRF’s Snowbowl Hill Climb race this Sunday.

I’m volunteering at the race for the first time this year and I can’t wait to see what it’s like. It’s one of TRF’s two fundraisers for the year and it features a fantastic, challenging (yet do-able), fun, scenic run up Snowbowl Road. There are also awesome raffles, prizes, and awards. I’ll write all about it after the race… but if you’re going to be anywhere near Flagstaff this Sunday you don’t want to miss it. If you’re interested in learning more about the race you can check out the information page HERE!

If you were in Flagstaff would you give the Snowbowl Hill Climb a try (you can put together a relay!)?

How do you come back to workouts after being out with an injury after a long time?