Tonight I was going to blog about the differences I notice between training for a marathon and training for the 50K. It’s possible some would be interested in what my training looks like now and how I feel it compares to training for other races. If you’re a novice/beginner runner I think getting information from experts is the key… but it can also be nice to hear a report from someone “like you” who is just a regular person off the street who decided to run and is now trying crazy-people stuff like running 50Ks.

That report will have to wait, however (though it is in the works). I got sidetracked helping Andrew with Algebra II review homework and watching a Dude Perfect video with Gabe. The good stuff.

FYI – This is clearly evidence that blogging can make you a better mom. When I went to write the sentence about helping Andrew I realized I should probably go and watch Dude Perfect with Gabe since he asked me to while I was helping Andrew. Sometimes trying to appear to be a good mom can steer you in the direction of actually being a good mom. Maybe next time I’ll do it without the blog’s help! 

Tonight, instead, I’ll give you a Friday – Thursday running report via a few pictures and mini-reports…

Friday - 1 mile on the treadmill. Truth be told, I haven’t stopped the streak. I’m not sure if I want to yet or not.

Saturday - 17 miles. I started my run with Glenn (5 miles) and finished solo enjoying (as always) a great view. When I was done I took a pic of the square downtown. Lots of kids and families had been playing in the snow and left their mark…

Sunday - 10 miles. These miles were run at zero-dark-thirty, in below-freezing temperatures, some in the dark, on Lake Mary Road (thankfully the last 5 miles were with a friend – our first run together). My eyes were watering and the cold made my eyelashes freeze. It wasn’t snowing outside…



Monday - 1 mile appointment with my treadmill.

Tuesday - 4 mile run outside in shorts with Glenn. I love warm days! We went as speedy as we could for this run and came in at a really good pace for us…


Tuesday Bonus - Flagstaff is the proud home of the Kahtoola company. I went to the Kahtoola headquarters for a TRF event (product explanation/trial, race promotion – their Agassiz Uphill race benefits Camp Colton, and a tour of the facility)…


Wednesday - 8 mile run outside on the road (some of it dirt)…

IMG_8707Thursday Morning’s Plan - 6 mile run out on the trails with Ellie…

How is your week shaping up? Have you kept up with your New Year’s Resolutions at this point?

What questions do you have about 50K training? What would you like to read about?

What (if any) games are you playing? I’ve started to play Trivia Crack with my family and we enjoy it. I may buy the full version of the app because I don’t think I can take one more ad for Game of War with Kate Upton and her ever-so-present breasts.



First Draft – Goals for 2015

**~ 2015 ~**

Goals take shape and change as time passes, I believe. With that in mind, here are a few I’ve decided to set for 2015. Many of these aren’t terribly specific (which is not the recommendation of SMART goal setting) ~ but I know that they’ll solidify in the next few weeks as I journal, blog, and think about my plans.

January 1, 2015 - First Run of the Year

January 1, 2015 – First Run of the Year


For sure -

Possibly – 

  • Four new races that I’ll talk more about when I can!
  • Run Flagstaff Summer Series
  • Gaspin’ in the Aspen
  • Soulstice Mountain Trail Run
  • Half Marathon?
  • Full Marathon?
  • Streak?

General Running:

  • Continue to venture out on trails as often as possible
  • Volunteer (or race) the Downtown Mile and the Snowbowl Hill Climb
  • Continue to attend TRF track workouts regularly
  • Maintain a running journal
  • Mileage: 1200 miles seems like a good target for me this year since I don’t know how much I’ll be racing. Secretly I’ll be gunning for 1500 again (it’s hard to step backward) but I want to be realistic.



  • Continue the financial journey I’m on with Glenn
  • Read the Bible (through daily readings)
  • Maintain regular contact with family and friends
  • Send “snail mail” twice a month
  • Read
  • Blog


  • Continue to plank and do push-ups multiple times per week
  • Add a strength routine to my weekly workouts
  • Complete a monthly challenge or two during the year
  • Continue to look for easy healthy meals to make for my busy family in the crock pot or when we get home

 Family (mostly observations):

  • Andrew will turn 16 this year and that means driver’s education, permits, a car (maybe), and all sorts of other wonderfully scary things
  • Gabe will head to high school this fall and that means he’ll be learning to balance schoolwork at a new level along with youth group, friends, and the sports he chooses to play
  • Glenn and I need to start instituting a regularly occurring date night!

There you have it… and there I have it – to work with (edit, cut, add) and to work on throughout 2015. I’ll continue to reflect on this plan as the days and weeks pass.

Do you write goals during the year?

Do you and your spouse/partner keep a regular date night?

Do you ever send or receive snail mail anymore?

2014 Hits and Misses

Way back in January I posted my goals for 2014. Some of them I attained and others I did not. As time passed I also found that I was reaching for new and different goals that I hadn’t considered in January. This year was challenging for me in the blogging department for a variety of reasons and I didn’t necessarily share the new goals. Ah, well. Officially (and thankfully), 2014 was a great year.

Running Hits and Misses:

  • HIT: Mileage: 1500 miles – Today I logged my 1520th mile!
  • HIT/MISS: Races – I wrote down quite a few half marathons I hoped to run, but only ran one listed. The Dave McKay Memorial Half Marathon was beautiful, challenging, and certainly one I’d like to run again. The Run Flagstaff Summer Series was 2014 bonus (though it included two races I did hope to run). Gaspin’ in the Aspen might be my favorite race of the bunch… but it’s hard to pick! I volunteered (again) at the Downtown Mile (the Hill Climb, too). No Imogene for me this year but the Soulstice Mountain Trail Run was fantastic! My dad and I walked a 5K together in Brighton which killed two birds with one stone (5K with my dad and a race in MI). In December I thought I’d run the Rock the Clock 5K again but we didn’t travel to MI. Instead, I ran the Tucson Marathon.
  • HIT: TRF – I probably averaged 2 workouts a month for the year. Some months I attended all of the workouts and other months just one or none. It was a huge blessing for me to be able to volunteer my time for Step Into Running (TRF’s program for new runners). I also applied to be on the TRF Board and have been enjoying contributing to the club in this new way.
  • HIT: Streak – I just finished the Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day streak this morning with an 8 mile run in the snow.
  • MISS: Run 10 Feed 10 and Charity Miles – Every once in awhile I remembered that I had wanted to use Charity Miles more consistently… but after my app gave me trouble once I stopped using it. Apparently I’m not very forgiving!
  • Goal not mentioned – PRs – I hadn’t really thought seriously and in a focused way about racing for PRs this year. That said, I did manage PRs in multiple distances. Another 2014 bonus!
  • Goal not mentioned – Trail Running – This year I spent a lot of time on trails and I am falling deeper in love with it on every run. s

On Facebook this year a friend of mine challenged me (and others) to post 5 pictures that make us feel beautiful. I thought I’d try to pick my five favorite running photos for the year (except that I picked six!). Running has made me feel strong, determined, beautiful, and like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to…

Fitness Hits and Misses

  • HIT/MISS: Monthly Challenges – I did only two (maybe only one!) monthly challenges. While this may seem like a huge fail in that department, one of the challenges I completed made up for it. This November I successfully finish the plank challenge I bailed out on last December. I went from #failedtheplankchallenge to #nailedtheplankchallenge. In fact, I did my 5 minute plank the same day I did the 4:30 plank because I was so nervous and had butterflies in my stomach all night. I never said I was normal.
  • MISS: Rec Center – Didn’t join.

Thanks to all who believed in me, encouraged me, ran with me, and helped me accomplish my running goals and so much more in 2014. Running may be an “individual” sport in a lot of ways… but in so many MORE ways it is a team effort. I wouldn’t be able to live out these new dreams without my “team” of supporters. Hopefully you know who you are!

Here’s to a happy, healthy (and running-filled) 2015!